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SAP TechEd Las Vegas

SAP TechEd Las Vegas 2018 Conference Registrant Terms and Conditions
These SAP TechEd Registrant Terms and Conditions govern my relation with SAP America Inc. (“SAP”) and its affiliates (together “SAP”) in connection with my registration, participation and presence at the SAP TechEd in Las Vegas on October 2-5, 2018 (“Conference”) and any communication and exchange I have with SAP in connection with the Conference, whether before, during or after the event.
1.) Registration and participation
Attending the event requires registration and is subject to the payment of the registration fees. Registration is only confirmed upon receipt of the confirmation email which also includes additional information with respect to the conference.
SAP reserves the right at their sole discretion and with no additional liability to refuse entrance, immediately eject and terminate the participation of any person whose conduct is deemed objectionable, disorderly, or disruptive to SAP or facility, or in violation of any law.
In the event that the Conference is cancelled, registrants will be refunded only the registration fee. Cancellation of travel and hotel reservations is the exclusive responsibility of the registrant.

Substitutions can be made at any time at no additional charge. Substitutions can be processed by re-accessing your registration and clicking on Substitute Registration.

For all early-bird registrations, payment must be received by July 13, 2018. If payment is not received before this date the early-bird rate will no longer apply. For regular registrations, payment must be received by August 31, 2018. For all other registrations, payment must be received before the event. Please be advised that your registration is not considered confirmed until payment has been received in full. Once payment has been received, a payment confirmation e-mail will be sent to you. Please note that all payments must be made in US Dollars.

SAP reserves the right to refuse or cancel my registration at any time with no liability other than refunding the applicable registration fee. Registrant must be 21 years of age to register for the Conference.
2.) No recordings by you
SAP does not authorize anyone to photograph, take video, or record talks and presentations made at the Conference or otherwise record any sound, voices, images or photographs of others (all together “Recordings”), unless it is a Recording of an individual who is not at the podium and who has expressly consented to the Recording. The prohibition in particular includes all keynotes and presentations, which may only be recorded with the express written permission of SAP and the person being recorded. Any persons in violation of this policy or recording for any commercial purpose may be asked to leave the event. This policy applies to any official Exhibit displays. To request permission to record onto any media for commercial use at the Conference, please contact
3.) Recordings of you at the Conference
I acknowledge and understand that SAP makes recordings at the Conference. As a result, SAP may record my image, photograph, and voice by any technology or means at the event under the following conditions (“Legitimate Recording”):
- when I speak to the general audience at the Conference (whether as speaker or participant), my image, photograph and voice may be recorded individually,
-  when I consent to the recording towards SAP or the person doing the recording my image, photograph and voice may be recorded individually, and
- in other cases my image, photograph or voice may not be recorded individually, but only as part of an overall filming, picture or sound recording where I am only a non material part of the overall image, photograph or sound and only as far as allowed under applicable laws.
SAP may broadcast, distribute or otherwise make publicly available, or let third parties broadcast, distribute or otherwise make publicly available, the Legitimate Recording and use it to promote the Conference or any presentation, activity or event related to the Conference. I release SAP from any claims resulting from such use of the Recording, and I waive any compensation or other right I may have against SAP in this respect to the extend legally possible.
4.) Disclaimer
The Conference material is provided for information purposes only. SAP shall not be liable for damages of any kind resulting from errors or omissions in its conference materials, nor shall SAP be liable for any damages resulting from the use of its conference materials or other information conveyed at the Conference.
SAP may provide information or statements about planned or potential products or services features at this event.  Such statements are not a commitment of any kind by SAP that such features or products or services will ever be made commercially available or available according to any specific timeframe.  SAP may change its plans regarding future product or service releases at any time for any or no reason. If I elect to provide feedback or product or service improvement suggestions about SAP products or services to SAP personnel at the event, I do so freely without any reservation of rights and I place no restrictions on SAP as to the use of such comments or ideas.
Neither SAP nor the Conference venue owners will be responsible for personal injury or property damage or loss arising from or in connection with your attendance at the Conference or participation in any Conference activities or events.
5.) No licensing in material
Except as expressly agreed otherwise, the provision of any material to you at the conference does not mean any grant of rights other than using the provided copy for own purposes and do not constitute a license to copy, distribute, make available or otherwise use or commercialize any provided material.